Thursday, 29 September 2016

Salesforce CRM Users Email List

Business communication is a big challenge to CRM users across the globe and at Confaab we provide authentic Salesforce CRM users mailing list for assured business success. Designed with precision, the authentic database is ideal for B2B communication with key decision makers. 

It provides access to authentic data that facilitates business communication across multiple channels. It is a well- known fact that marketers across the globe choose multi-channel marketing as it is not only cost-effective but also has a profound impact.

Apart from Salesforce CRM users email list, Confaab also provides industry wise email list, US state wise email list and professional email list, etc. 

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Get higher ROI with the real estate agent email list

How to get real estate email list?

The real estate industry is going through major metamorphosis and is slated to soar high. Marketers of construction material, modular kitchen, legal paper advisors and financial service providers must therefore invest in authentic databases that would help in effective business communication. 
At Confaab we provide real estate industry executives email list for seamless B2B communication with key decision makers.

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Achieve business excellence with the authentic and verified colleges and university email address list

Business communication with key decision makers from the education sector can be a big challenge. At Confaab we provide authentic mailing list of key decision makers from universities and colleges worldwide. Get smart and invest in the college and university email list to communicate your marketing campaigns to them. 

Designed with precision, the colleges and university database has useful data on key decision makers like College Dean, Prinicipal, President of the committee and more.
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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Healthcare & Medical Industry Email List

Designed with precision, the email lists of healthcare service executives will take business to a whole new level by promoting personalized business communication and more. 

Stay ahead of all types of marketing campaigns by investing in the Healthcare Services Industry Mailing List for guaranteed success in B2B campaigns.

Healthcare & Medical Industry Email List
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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Chief Financial Officers email list

Reaching CFOs for business communication is crucial to campaign success and Confaab's validated CFO e-mail address database helps marketers excel at different types of online and offline campaigns. CFOs List is one of the most important ones among C-level Executives Email Lists
Designed to suit multi-channel marketing campaigns, the authentic CFO email list facilitates B2B communication with key decision makers for better brand building and it also helps marketers build a better brand presence. Buy CFO email list from Confaab and take your business to the new heights.
CFO e-mail address database list

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

How does your marketing success depend on Oil and gas industry email list?

Back in 2015 the supply of petroleum and other liquid fuels was twice that of consumption which resulted in lower prices and declining profits. In a bid to take potential steps to curb the higher investments and prevent losses incurred, larger companies harnessed robotics and digitization to get more volumes at minimal investment. 

oil and gas industry executives email list

For marketers and product and services suppliers you may invest in the oil and gas industry email list to achieve campaign success. Confaab is at the forefront, providing authentic databases for effective B2B communication across multiple channels.
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Friday, 16 September 2016

Attorney mailing list in USA and Lawyers email addresses list in UK

Why should you invest in the lawyers email list brought to you by Confaab? 

For marketers that question the very rationale behind investing in valid mailing list of lawyers must consider the following.
  • The valid attorney mailing list in USA is collated from reliable global sources and verified thoroughly.
  • The accurate lists promote effective business communication across multiple channels
  • The highly optimized attorney email list is sourced from reliable and authentic sources to ensure there are no errors or duplicates.

    lawyers email addresses list from Confaab
Equipped with suitable experience and expertise, the team at Confaab provides delivery driven mailing lists that are bound to take your campaigns and business plans to a new level. Generate more revenue by investing in the mailing list of lawyers now!

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