Wednesday, 14 September 2016

How to get CEO email ids in USA?

By looking at an infographic shared on the popular site, you will find lots of insightful data about world's Fortune 100 Companies CEOs. These CEOs are the highly paid management undergraduates who have earned management degrees from B-schools like, Cornell, Yale, Princeton, Harvard, etc. Today, they are the busiest executives and top organizations' success depend a lot on CEO's strategic decisions.
According to some statistics from Statistics Brain, there are nearly 1,733,100 number of general & operations managers and 400,400 CEOs. So, if a marketing company targets these top level executives, they will be able sell their products or services to the top corporates. However there are challenges in reaching Chief Executive Officers.

How to communicate directly to a CEO?

CEOs are the executives who are busy with their work for all the time. Most of the CEOs actually sleep nearly 4-6 hours because of the enormous work burden they have. So, don't even think that CEOs have enough time to listen your proposal through phone or face-to-face communication. In case, you want to make it to CEO's desk, you still have one chance. You need to try email marketing. No matter how busy a CEO is, he will surely check his official inbox at some point of time and if your business email is white listed in his email inbox, your offer will reach to CEO without fail.

Confaab - right place to buy Chief Executive Officer email addresses

How to get CEO email ids in USA?

The next challenge is to get the email database of top CEOs. Top CEOs email list is not easily available in the market as simply because companies don't want their top executives email inboxes to be filled with unwanted emails and spams.
If you are thinking that the desired email list won't be easy to obtain, then you are wrong. You can obtain highly detailed CEO email ids in USA by investing a little amount. There are few good providers who can provide you Chief Executive Officers email addresses with full satisfaction from your side. Confaab is one such company. has 1,30,000 number of CEO mailing list and this huge volume of list is geo-specific. That means you can obtain mailing addresses of CEOs in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Confaab's C-level email lists have several advantages:
  • Get CEO email masterfile with full details of every CEO and corresponding company
  • The email list is socially verified through LinkedIn and also tele-verified
  • The CEO email ids are provided after 100% manual checking to avoid Hard Bounce
  • Country and Industry specific customized CEO email lists are provided
So, if you want to make a strong impact by targeting global CEOs with email marketing, then try get list of CEOs from Confaab. Marketing team of Confaab can show you occasional email samples as well. For details, you can utilise the following information to contact with any marketing executive from Confaab:
Toll free phone number : +1-800-308-1783

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