Thursday, 14 July 2016

Expect better campaign success with list of email addresses from Confaab

All the email marketers of today look for mailing lists that are industry specific and cater to their customized need. The email marketers rely on those industrial mailing lists that are tele-verified or obtained from newsletter subscribers of their sites. And one of the key challenges of email marketers is that they have to adhere to the CAN-SPAM or anti-spam act. Thinking about the problems faced by the email marketers of today, top email address list providers are developing email lists that are well verified and regularly updated.

If you buy mailing lists by industry and your products are relevant to that industry, then the chances are that you will get a greater response from the email campaign.

A reliable mailing list provider

Confaab is a company that was incepted in 2011 as an email marketing solution provider. With time, the company has improved its span of services in b2b email address list service. Now, Confaab has more than 400 types of email lists and a majority of that are industrial email lists.
Confaab can provide you email lists in the following ways:

  • Location (area, city, county, state, ZIP Code)
  • Industry Type (e.g. banking industry mailing database or, real estate industry email list Fortune 500 industry executives mailing list)
  • Demographics (company name, size, number of executives or decision makers, location type, years in business and more)

The following list is an indication of what kind of industry wise email list Confaab has at present :

Colleges Universities Industry Executives Email List
Insurance Industry Executives Mailing List
Fortune 500 companies mailing list
Chemicals and Allied Industry Executives Email List
Mining Industry Executives Email Lists
Communications Services Executives Lists
Agriculture industry email database
Educational Services Executives List
Heavy Construction Industry Executives Email Masterfile
Call center executive email addresses
Mailing Lists for Aerospace Consulting Firms
Finance and Banking Industry Executives Email List
Health Services Industry Mailing Lists
Business Services Industry Mailing Lists
List of Legal Services Executives
Publishing Industry Executives Mailing List
Manufacturing companies contact details
Email marketing list of mortgage companies
Automotive Dealers Executives Mailing Database
Petroleum and coal industry executives email list

Target new prospects with the help of Confaab and take your email marketing success to a new level. Confaab does the procedural hard work of maintaining large email databases. As you are getting the final email list from Confaab, you don't have to invest time thinking about "where to buy email lists?"

If you have any query before buying any email database from Confaab, contact Confaab through Toll free phone number : +1-800-308-1783 or by sending an email to . If you are not convinced about purchasing the list, you can ask for free samples from the list of email addresses.

Get accurate and up-to-date leads with the help of Confaab


  1. Hey Rosie, just another brilliant post from you! But I think that Confaab has other special types of industry wise email lists, that you skipped in this post. And it would be nice you highlight more about email marketing in the future posts.

  2. Confaab is not only the database provider for industry wise email list, but it has also a strong section of professional email lists, as I found from the site. I remember that I got reference of Confaab from my business partner for CEO, CFO, CIO and CMO email lists only. So, this page of professional mailing lists should not be ignored to get email address list.