Thursday, 21 July 2016

Free Email Lists : Is it really good to buy free email lists?

Everybody loves freebies. Marketers love to save costs by utilizing free or trial resources. Those of you, who are into Email Marketing, might like to get every tool for free. And it would be an early Christmas Gift if someone gives you the database of your prospects for FREE!

But, wait a second.

Can a FREE database help you a lot? Free email list samples are available on internet. But they have following problems:

1) Free Email Lists are not highly optimized. If you are searching for free CEO email list, you may get a list which may not be about CEOs at all!
2) Suppose you get 'IT professional mailing lists'. When you start sending the emails, you observed that most of the email ids have changed. So, you face hard bounces problem. Next, you have not taken permission to send emails to all of the IT professionals. They may mark your email as SPAM. For a high percentage of SPAM, your mail server may be blacklisted.
3) Some of the free mailing list sample providers may advertise as free list providers but later charge you money for a full database.

Then what is the solution?

For getting a good email database, you need to have a good email address list. A good email address can be well optimized as per your industry. For example, if you are looking for insurance agents email list, you will get the highly optimized list of insurance agents only. Moreover, a professional mailing list provider can give you the entire list with customized fields as per your choice.
Also, you will obtain the email list as per your region, state or choice of country (say, USA, UK, Canada, Australia).

Final conclusion on Email Address List?

It is best to invest money in business mailing lists. If you are serious about your email marketing campaign, stay away from free mailing marketing list. To buy mailing list, you can contact Confaab which has industry wise email lists for sale. For large list of email addresses, Confaab can provide you free mailing list samples as well.

Wish you a great success for your next email marketing campaigns!


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